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Masterclass on Digestive Disorders

Course Instructor Dr. Dhanwantarikumar Harinath Jha

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Masterclass on Digestive Disorders

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Digestive Disorders



Digestive Disorders


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Dr. Dhanwantarikumar Harinath Jha

10 Courses   •   40 Students

Dr. Dhanwantari Jha is the Founder of Ayurved Nidhi, our chief educator and the Chief Physician at the Sushrut Sanjeevani Hospital. He is an MD & PHD in the subject of Kayachikitsa (Ayurveda Internal Medicine). He believes that Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle play an equal role in treating the patient as the Medicines and other Ayurvedic care. Dr. Dhanwantari Jha is an international Ayurveda educator and Consultant with students across the globe.